Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Shoott: Pay Only For the Photos You Love!

Alex Marrero Miami based photographer features shoott: an online photography platform that connects individuals and groups with freelance photographers in their area. Inspired by the premise of only paying for the photos you love, all shoott sessions are free!


Have you ever had a photography session that left you less than impressed? But perhaps it was too late when all things were said and done because, unfortunately, you paid for the session in advance of the event. You may even be obligated to fulfill a contract requirement that states you must pay, in full, for your photos — even if you don’t like a single one. On the flipside, a photographer’s time and talent is extremely valuable. In the event that the session doesn’t go as planned and the client is unhappy with most of the photos, the photographer is also at a disadvantage. Well, shoott can’t stand that and they don’t think that you or newbie photographers should have to deal with that either!

If you are a photographer interested in growing your portfolio, Alex Marrero encourages you to try out shoott. And on the flipside of that session, the local creative and fashion photographer also encourages anyone interested in a photo session to check out the platform, too! Shoott connects clients and creatives for 30 minute professional photography sessions in their local area. The catch: the client only pays for the photos they love — the session itself is free! And even if the client only selects one photo: that’s okay! Photographers are covered too thanks to a minimum pay guarantee for each hour of work, as well as tips and regular paychecks. Plus this is a fantastic way to build up your portfolio if you’re new to the game!

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